SS 18


The inspiration is related to the Chthonic and subterranean energies as materially and dramatically expressed by the forces of an active volcano. Chthonic from Greek χθόνιος, "in, under, or beneath the earth”, literally means "subterranean". Subterranean forces as identified in deities or spirits of the underworld, especially in Greek religion. In this case, the personification of the deity is the Etna volcano. As an homage to the alchemic energies of Volcano capable with its forces to destroy life and to create life at the same time. The lava “contaminated” lands are plenty in precious nutrients and capable to create unique substances for a very fertile agriculture. The contrast between death and birth are uniquely expressed by symbol of the volcano and its colours matches this contrast too: from the pale white of the pumice stone to the polished black of the obsidian stone, from the sulfurous yellow to the vivid red and orange of the lava. Such alchemic imaginary with its colour palette is taken as a reference, indicating also the path for choosing fabrics, by combining very pale and raw materials with very polished and refined ones.


Values and composition

New shapes and volumes are reinterpreted and assimilated to the characteristic silhouettes of the brand. The geometric volumes and the sleeks shapes celebrate a structural innovation and the elimination of any superfluous ornament: new items like the trench-robe, the long dress with the crossed shoulder straps behind, the three-quarter-wide trousers, and a very short jacket are introduced. All garments are designed to be worn in "layers" in order to create an alternation of short and long, narrow and wide, resulting in only apparently conflicting geometries in order to create an elegant and independent aesthetic.