SS 16


Sea and salt. A world of sensorial, chromatic and sculptural images that inspire the collection S/S 16. The vigorous and deep blue of the Sicilian sea and the beaming white of the salt mines are muses with a marked personality that inflame imagination and our desire to recount their intensity. More than identified places they are archetypes common to all Mediterranean costs, where the cold, white and glimmering crystals are collected through patient and meticulous effort. The blue reigns therefore as chromatic choice, in contrast to the strength of the white. Two colours so different, yet unquestionably perfect and complementary. Like the grains of salt and the drops of water they originate from.


Values and composition

The idea of conceiving something intangible, unstructured yet impeccable and austere represents the basis of the "emotional values” to be transmitted. Lines and forms are absolutely essential and primordial, taking plasticity due to the choice of fabrics with a well-structured weave but light and soft. The collection comprises different garments - as dresses, tops, short line and long line open front jackets, skirts and shirts - everyone unique and independent but also ideated to be worn superimposed and combined with each other.