FW 17


The Old Royal Navy represents the inspiration of this collection. The impeccable elegance of the British marine uniforms meets our textile devotion and attention to details: versatile pieces with a minimalistic attire yet sharp and elegant are created through a combination of finest materials and sartorial manufacture. A color palette of blue navy, white and ivory, together with the classic navy stripes both for clothing and knitwear. Finally, a touch of red emphasizes the marine mood of the collection.


Values and composition

The utilitarian spirit of the navy clothing and its heritage have been reinterpreted and adjusted to the brand graphic and stylish aesthetics. Volumes have been reshaped as to become more feminine and sleek. The iconic imaginary of the Old Royal Navy here is represented by blazer jackets, duffle coats, squared long coats, rounded collars, impeccable pleated trousers and skirts with a military allure and soft sailing crew-neck sweaters and fine knitwear. The fabric selection features the finest heavy cotton twills, heavy woolen cloths. Lighter striped wools with a special dry finiture, Loden woolen cloth, blue hopsack wools and a cent per cent double splittable cashmere and 4-ply cashmere as to balance the austerity of certain lines and shapes with a luxury touch. The result is a complete total look, modern and classic at the same time.