FW 16


The avant-garde minimalism of the 60s. Geometric and squared shapes, volumes sometimes generous, sometimes very skinny: that is the stylistic legacy. An essential and austere aesthetic - and for that elegant and sophisticated - is reinterpreted and shaped with an urban attire. The chromatic choice, typical of that period has been here rediscovered and presented in its most primordial and unrefined sense. It originates from the organic and raw elements such as chalk, clay, and the dark blue of a sapphire prior to refining. A return to the womb of the earth and its colors. Loden woolen cloth, camelhair and silks, are therefore the textile representation of this imagination.

Values and composition

The need to reconnect with the past, as revised in its forms and expressions is the message to be conveyed. Geometric and shared shapes, gain plasticity through the loden cloth, camelhair and silk. The collection consists of different garments such as coats, long and short, single or double breasted, long skirts, hooded sweatshirts, blouses, vests short and long and long dresses - where the weaves of heavier loden and camelhair overlap with the impalpable and soft silk.