Asciari about
Asciari’s objective is to create a distinct and timeless style, based on precise aesthetic and cultural standards where beauty is interlaced with good manners, elegance is understated luxury and extreme quality is discovered with a touch.
A heritage of values deeply rooted in the founders: one brother and one sister, Pietro and Federica and their mother Marta, who immersed in the aesthetics and cultural fascinations of Sicily, appreciate how equilibrium, good taste and luxury are the foundations of all expressions of life.
The research and love for essential shapes, natural fabrics, fine tailoring and manufacturing transform into a cultural path that finally takes shape with the creation of the first collections, under the name of “Jolie Kica”.

A natural evolution leads to Asciari, which refines the stylistic touch and combines the original vocation of researching the harmony of the past with an avant-garde attitude. As in the original archaic Sicilian of the word, “to search, to gather, to create a meeting”, Asciari elects Milan to convey its essential demi-couture aesthetics, free from redundancies yet contaminated by the culture of our time. A sophisticated outcome, at one with the most sensitive criteria of life in which understated luxury is intrinsic to posture, conduct and politeness.
The devotion to detail, the respect for individuality and an essential mind set translate into an item that fits those that choose to emphasize their innate elegance.

A strictly Italian manufacture, through skilled hand-crafters, perfects the demi-couture aesthetics. The reasons for this choice are to be found both in the quest for excellence and in the coherence with the values of respect and esteem for what is created with care and patience.


In every creation by Asciari there is a tale, a picture, a belief. An ever-renewing combination of the brand’s founding values.


It is an inclination firmly grounded in the Italian nature. An instinct originated by the discernment and deference for artistic, natural and social beauty that surrounds us. A pleasure in sensibly contributing to it by adopting an aesthetic and behavioural choice. Being appropriate means admiring the expressions of elegance in our contemporaneity and choosing to be part of them, with grace.


The perfection of a stitch, the origin of a fabric, the emotion that can spring from the encounter of a shade and a cut. Every detail acquires relevance in giving existence to an iconic creation.

Devotion portrays those who recognize the importance of every ingredient and knowingly blends it to obtain the coveted balance.

Taking Time

A long-forgotten art. Only those that pause to observe may grasp nuances and obtain a value from the experience made. Time to research pleasure and time to enjoy it. It is only through profound devoutness, that the three founders nurture the passion they pour into their creations.

Marta recaptures her vitality in the open air, strolling along the woods and falling in love with the scents, the colours and the shadows that lights creates among the leaves.

For Federica no time is better spent than discovering new landscapes. Driving down unexplored roads, following unbeaten paths, taking time to experiment the local excellences and traditions.

Pietro chooses to dedicate his time to the land, in its purest acceptation. Agriculture as a form of meditation: wandering through the plantations observing the combined force of man and nature, a metaphor of growth and personal maturation.
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